Blessings upon blessings

Today is my eldest daughter’s birthday. She turned thirty four. While she whines about how very old she is, she is still my baby. I was young when I had her. Too young to appreciate the blessing God put in my life. I wish I had the maturity to cherish her more when she was a child. I think her memories are happy ones, and she shows me how much she loves almost daily. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t call me. She has also blessed me with three beautiful, highly entertaining granddaughters. Yes, my life is full of blessings and I thank the Lord everyday for them. I must say, I have the best kids.

Today, I went to church, and when I got home I changed into my running clothes, and I was out!! It was a super, gorgeous day. Fifty degrees, and so sunny! Today’s c25k session was W3D2. Another day of ninety second runs, with two minute walks for six run intervals. I actually ran a teeny bit faster, and a smidge further than my last run. Yay, me!!

Then I remembered that the New York City marathon was today. Days like today make me sad that I don’t have cable. I really, really wanted to see it! Thank goodness for the internet, because at least I can Google it to see who won.

I gots all the blessings!!!

1. My daughter came into my life on this day, thirty four years ago.

2. I’m blessed to be able to run, and enjoy the world God created for us.

3. The internet!! Lol. Yes, I’m calling this a blessing (for today, anyway)!!

Today’s running biznezz.


I fixed it, and I did it!

I finally found the fix for the gps problem I was having with my phone. At first, I thought it was just the Nike app, but soon discovered it was an issue with all my apps. But I found the fix, and put it to the test. Yes, it’s now working!! Yay, me!

I went for my run today a little after six pm. The sun wasn’t out, and we’ve been having light snow flurries on and off thru the day, but the snow didn’t stick.

It was 32 degrees, but it was also windy, and gray. That crisp air was exhilarating! There were quite a few runners out today, too.

I started week two of c25k, which consist of six running intervals that last 90 seconds each, followed by two minutes of walking. I had some trouble getting my breathing right, but other than that it was a nice run. My legs didn’t hurt too bad, but my ears were freezing. Yeah, I don’t have a hat. Tsk-tsk-tsk!

There are a few unladylike moments when I had to wipe my runny nose on my sleeve. But I’d rather do that than have it dripping into my own mouth!! Ugh…yuck! And I will never…never never ever blow a snot rocket!!

The intervals weren’t as big of a problem as I thought they were going to be, so I’m feeling pretty good about the run.

I felt like a hard core runner when those snow flurries started, too!! Like, “yeah, look at me running in this weather! That’s right, I’m tough! Nothing will stop me from running!”

In my mind it was much more glorious. My poor ears got the worst of it. But I did it, and it was worth it!

My running biznezz

I hope ya’ll were able to get out and enjoy your most favorite activity.

I’m tired, and it’s time for bed.


Bout’ to get this started!!

I went running today, and it was lovely. The day was really sunny, and fooled me into thinking it was warmer than it actually was. The temp was 37 degrees, but with “real feel” it more like thirty degrees with the wind. I layered up, and by the end of the 30 minute session, I was perspiring.

I decided to run at the neighborhood park that was just repaved. It is a hilly route, and was a bit more difficult than I anticipated. But it felt sooo good when I was done. Unfortunately, the gps still isn’t working on my phone. I don’t know why it stopped working. But I think I found a fix for my phone, which is a Samsung S7. I’m going to test it out tomorrow if we go walking outside at work. Fingers crossed!!

I have, also, decided to start the Body for Life 12-week program, which is mainly weight lifting. I’m still going to run three times a week, rather than do the cardio that is part of the program. So I cleaned up the basement area that has my weight bench, weights, and treadmill. The real test is going to be when I start watching the grandkids again in the evening, which will be in a couple of weeks.

Here’s to dedication and consistency.

Here’s my run info, but I don’t think the distance is correct.

Another outdoor run

Last week, a coworker asked if I’d like to join her for a lunchtime run at the fitness center at work. She’s on our team that’s running the Hard Cider 5k in May. She wanted to do the first day of the c25k program, so I decided to join her. She’s a bit faster than I, and it was challenging to keep pace with her, but I think I did pretty good. Except for the talking. I’m not at the level where I can talk and run at the same time. I saved it for the walk intervals. Even then, I was still close to gasping for air. Unfortunately, I didn’t start my Nike app correctly , so my run didn’t register. That drives me crazy, because now I have no record of it! I would have liked to have seen my pace for that run. Doh!!

But, today…today I was blessed to be able to go outside, and run. And I remembered to turn on my Nike app, and change it to an outdoor run, along with turning on my GPS. I looked at the app, and I could see my location on the map. I started the c25k app, got my music going, and I was off!

It was about 32 degrees, but really sunny. I’m glad I wore an extra layer than usual. I sang along with the music out loud when no one was around, and whisper-sang when people passed by. I was just so happy to be outside.

I had a little trouble getting my breathing pattern right. I don’t know if it was because the air was a bit colder than I’m used to, or because I have a runny nose and feel like I’m coming down with a cold, or what. Whatever the reason, I didn’t feel quite as relaxed, and in good form. I “felt” like I ran faster than usual, thanks to the power walking we do at work. Lol! But, I’ll never know. You know why??

Because the Nike app just stopped, and said….well just look!!

I was so irritated!! I don’t know what’s going on with the app, because the GPS works in my other apps. Freaking-fracking-stinking-freaking app!!

But I got to run at this beautiful spot, now that’s its no longer flooded by the rains from a week ago.

Well, it’s still a little flooded. But the paths were clear. It felt so, so, so wonderful to breath in the fresh air, and have the sunshine brighten up the day, like it did my spirit!

AND….my daughter is starting her training on Monday, so for the next three weeks, I don’t have the grandkids after work. Of course, I’ll miss them…a lot…but it also means I can go running right after work!!


As DJ Tanner would say, “Oh Mylanta!”

Nuff said. 🙂

One more run for the books

It was a sunny day, but chilly. Perfect day for a run. I decided to attempt a straight 20 minute run, with five minute warmup. I was happy, and optimistic since we’ve been walking like racers at work, and it’s been really challenging trying to keep up with the others. So I figured all that walking would help with my running.

I did have to walk a few times. The first walk was about ten minutes in. The runs after that first walk break got shorter and shorter. Yes, I was a bit disappointed, I’m not going to lie. But having the opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature more than made up for the bit of disappointment.

I will live to run another day.