Trying to keep the momentum going.

I’m starting to struggle with my meal planning. I won’t lie…eating keto is kinda pricey, what with grass fed beef, organic eggs, and sugar substitutes for fat bombs, and other ingredients. I’m really starting to miss eating bread. I made a keto bread yesterday, but it tasted eggy. The recipe did have a tip to help mask the taste. It says to put a few drops of liquid stevia. Supposedly, it won’t make it sweet. We’ll see when it arrives from Amazon. I looked for it locally, but it was still cheaper to order it online. I’ll try making the bread again in a few days.

I didn’t meal prep tonight. I was planning on making egg salad for lunch, but I didn’t make it to the store to get celery and dill relish. I’ll have to do that tomorrow.

I really need to sit down and make a plan. You see, we’re going on vacation next week. Just a couple hours up north, but it’s the first real family vacation we’ve ever taken. Mind you, my kids are grown now! I’m excited to be going, but I’m kinda stressing out about what I’m going to eat. We’ve rented a cabin, so we’ll be making our own meals, which is a big plus. So I better start buying ingredients for my meals now. Hell, if I have to eat egg salad the whole time I’m there, then so be it! Ha!

I set a goal at the end of March, to weigh 190 pounds by the end of July. And holy shit, if I ain’t “this” close to meeting my goal! Now, I can help my progress if I just get off my ass, and start working out. Currently, I have tennis elbow in my left arm. How the hell that happens when a person doesn’t play tennis, is beyond me. Anyways…even if I can’t lift weights for my upper body, I can still do things for my lower body, like squats (hell yeah!), and core work. I’ve recently noticed that under my right glute, I have a roll of fat. It looks funny, since I don’t have one on the left side.

It was actually kinda mesmerizing. I kept lifting it with one finger, and wondering why? Why one fat roll on one side, and not both? Does my booty look lopsided? Or did one cheek look fuller than the other, resembling one flat, deflated tire? I don’t know how long I stood in the mirror just…wondering.

Call me weird.

Well, time for bed. Maybe they’ll have something I can eat at the cafe at work at the paleo station. I’m sure I’ll have to modify it to fit my needs. But hey, gotta roll with the punches, right?

Have a wonderful tomorrow, ya’ll!


You won’t believe this!!

After posting that I was going to start following the keto way of eating, I deliberately stayed away, in fear that I would fail miserably in front of you. But, I’m blown away by my results!

I officially started June 11. So that’s what? A little over a month ago? The last weigh in at work before I started was:

June 8 – 212 lbs

June 15 – 206.8 (all water probably)

June 22 – 204.0

June 29 – 200.8 (wtf? Is this for real??)

July 6 – 201 (So freaking close to getting under 200! Why am I going the wrong way?)

July 13 – 196.6!!! (take that Friday the 13th!!!)

While the weightloss is terrific, you know what’s more amazing?? My knees!! Seriously, they used to feel a little bit tender to the touch. I could not squat without pain. And trying to get up after kneeling or squatting…forget about it! But now…but NOW?? I kid you not, my knees don’t hurt anymore. I can squat and get up with no pain!! My hips don’t hurt, and I feel like I’m not walking like an old, feeble lady anymore!! I am simply shocked!!

I feel better all around! More importantly, I feel good inside. I feel successful. I’m taking control of my health and my body, and it’s working! But, I am lacking in one area. I have not gone running in weeks. Actually, the last time I ran was the 5k I did with my coworkers. It was so hard, and I felt so…OLD!!

I must start running again. I do miss it. Running makes me feel like a bad ass! Lol! Plus, I’m interested to see how I’ll do now that I’m a bit lighter.

However, there is some concern regarding strenuous, long workouts when doing keto. It’s suggested to do hiit types of workouts, but I can’t remember the specifics as to why.

I took pictures at my starting point, but haven’t taken any recent ones. I don’t have the guts to post them here, either. But maybe one day, I will.

Well, that about wraps up everything current in my life. I hope ya’ll are having a great summer! Catch ya on the flip side!


I contemplated going running yesterday. But since we went from winter straight into summer, it was a bit too muggy for me. I sat on the couch looking at my spinning bike that my old man still hasn’t taken to the basement for me (yes, I tried doing it myself and got it jammed in the turn of the stairway. I finally got it back up the stairs).  But, I didn’t feel like riding the bike, either.

Then I remembered that I had bought a step platform because I had high hopes of doing this type of workout:

Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil

Looks like fun, yeah? And WAAAYYY too advanced for me! Instead, I found this workout on YouTube which I had in VHS format twenty years ago, give or take. I was so excited.

BUT!!! I almost died! Funny how any exertion nearly kills me. Lol!

I could only complete nineteen minutes, and then I remembered one thing. Even back in the day when I was fifty five pounds lighter, I could never finish that workout. I never, ever made it to the end.

STEP Reebok

And since it’s been so long since I’ve attempted it, I’m pretty sure I looked like these folks:

Step aerobic fail!

It was kinda fun. And I did work up a serious sweat in those nineteen minutes. But I KNOW! I know, one day I’ll be completing the reebok workout, and I’ll be able to learn the hip hop steps.

At least I got off my ass and did something, right??

A new endeavor

So ya’ll know how I’ve been struggling with getting older, letting my hair go silver, and my body just not performing like it used to. That 5k last month really did something to how I see myself. I really didn’t expect it to be so damn hard! Seeing all the pics that we took didn’t help, either. I mean I know I’m the oldest in the group, but I didn’t really think I actually LOOKED that much older than everyone else.

I mean my body just doesn’t move as easily, or fluidly like it used to. Being the size that I am doesn’t help matters, either.

I’m really hesitant about putting this out there, but feel that I must for accountability purposes. Two weeks ago, I picked up my cpap machine. Yes, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Apparently, I stop breathing when I’m sleeping. Now add that to my under active thyroid…acid reflux, which developed into Barret’s esophagus…and the frequent instances of low vitamin D, and recently low B12…I’ve had enough! This is no longer just about being overweight. I want to be healthy, feel healthy, and be active.

I’ve heard alot about the Ketogenic diet, and a couple of friends swear by it. But it just seemed a bit crazy. We’ve always been told that fat is bad, and stay away from it as much as possible, but keto teaches just the opposite, as long as it’s good fat, like avacados and grass Fed, not too lean meat. And no sugar. Even the bacon needs to be uncured, sugar and nitrate /nitrite free. I didn’t know that bacon had sugar in it! Also, very low carb intake. No bread, pasta, most fruits, etc.

What finally convinced me to try this way of eating was a Netflix documentary called The Magic Pill. It followed a group of folks with various health issues, and what happened when they followed a Ketogenic diet. The results were quite surprising. Without going into full detail, one lady was able to get off her meds, and another little girl with autism became more communicative, and less hyper. I believe her parents were able to take her off some of her meds, too

So I’ve decided to give this a try. For some reason, though, I’m feeling a bit anxious. One thing is the cost of the food. Organic, grass fed, free range, sugar free food is a bit expensive. I bought three packs of bacon at six dollars a pop!

Plus, I’m afraid I’m going to start this, and then a week and a half into it, I’m going to not be able to afford it. It will be like flushing money down the toilet.

But then what if I just mess it up, and never get my body into ketosis? How bad is the keto flu going to be for me? But you know what really kind of scares me?

It’s telling people that I’m doing this. Because you already know somebody is going to have negative things to say about it. And what if I do lose weight, but then end up gaining it back?

These are the dumb things I think about. Things that may never happen, or things that I shouldn’t let bother me. I’m my own biggest obstacle!!

What I do know is that I don’t want to sleep with this fucking mask every night. I don’t want to take all kinds of medications. I don’t want to feel like my best years are behind me!

And I’m seriously considering coloring my hair again.

Yea, so that’s where I’m at right now.

Hard Cider 5k recap

Well…the 5k came and went. While others were up early Saturday morning to watch the royal wedding, I was getting ready for the race. Ok, I stopped and watched long enough to see the wedding dress. Classy and beautiful!

It was raining steadily in the early morning, but when dawn broke it was just a drizzle. I met my friend at the parking lot of a local restaurant so we could carpool to the race.

By the time we got there, the rain had stopped. It was barely chilly, maybe a teeny bit humid. Nothing to complain about really. By the time the rest of the group arrived, it started misting again. The course went through the apple orchard, and it was pretty muddy in some spots. There went my bright yellow Saucony’s! Lol!

As a group, we decided to pay extra for the hungry runner medal, which meant we had to eat a plain donut at each mile marker. Ummmm, yeeeaaah….the idea sounded good when we signed up. But trying to quickly down a donut and wash it down with water…


I only ate half of each donut (they were delicious!). I was already struggling with just the running. My word!!

We had planned to run for two minutes, and walk for one. Two people on our team have never run so I guess my expectation was that I would be the one encouraging them. However, these two ladies are the ones I’ve talked about before that walk super fast during our walks at work. So, I really shouldn’t have assumed that they would be left behind. Smh!

I was the interval tracker. We walked for five minutes as a warmup. But I started having trouble keeping up with everyone from the get-go. Man they walk fast!! So that was the first mental roadblock I hit. I can’t even keep up with them when they’re walking! How the hell was I going to keep up with them running?

But I tried to keep up, until we started the first two minute interval. Off we went, with me in third place trying to keep up with the other “runners” in our group. The fast walking ladies were right behind me. I was never more grateful than I was at that moment when the first walk interval started. Then the super walkers caught up to me in 0.001 nano-seconds. And then they passed me.

The second run interval started, and off we go, running and weaving around other walkers/runners. I’m sure ya’ll know how tiring it is to do that! I ran harder just so I could pass the walking ladies, which I barely did. But those two intervals just zapped my energy, and my morale.

I couldn’t do it! I couldn’t keep up with everyone, and I could barely run. The mud, and slick grass made it even more difficult. I finally accepted the fact that I was not prepared to really run at all.

That’s when everyone’s role changed. I was no longer the one that had more training hours under her belt than the others. I was no longer the one that had been running longer than four out of five people. Nope, somewhere along that beautiful orchard, I became the anchor slowing everyone down. I became the old fat lady that was struggling to keep up. Once I saw this role change, and how some of the group were taking turns walking with me because “they weren’t going to leave me behind,” well that pretty much killed any notion I had about myself as a runner.

I let those thoughts engulf me, and I was no longer having fun. While the others were walking and talking, and laughing and running, I started to get more irritated, and down on myself. They didn’t take this seriously. They were there to have fun. We stopped and took group pictures when we got to the donut station. I don’t know why I didn’t allow myself to just let go, and enjoy the experience!

My ego got the best of me. I thought I was going to go in, and show everyone that I was a runner, and that I was there to show them how to run. But instead they showed me how to not take myself too seriously, and enjoy the moment. Instead, I was the sourpuss acting like a petulant child that can’t have her way.

It took us an hour to finish the race. And I was blaming myself for everyone having such a high time. I mean, I really felt like shit!! All day Saturday, and Sunday. But then yesterday afternoon I remembered that we used up a lot of time at the donut stations eating, and posing for pics. DUH!!

So that made me feel a bit better!

Today, someone suggested we do another 5k. Max’s Race next month. I believe it’s the last weekend of the month. And this race happens to be the first 5k I ever ran back in 2009! So it holds a specail place in my heart.

Can I tell ya’ll how much I want to be able to run this race straight through, and not only show the others, but myself as well, that I am well capable of running the entire thing? Yes, yes….my ego is rearing its ugly head again.

But ya’ll know how much I’m struggling with this “old lady” image I have as myself. And I really don’t want to be a crickety old lady. I want to show everyone how youthful I still am. I want to show MYSELF how youthful I still am inside. That I’m well capable!!

We’ll see how the other’s feel about this race. I really would like to do it. The first time I did it I ran the entire way. I can do it again. I know I can!!

Yes…I knew the camera was there. Lol!