What the what????

So there it is. My weigh in from yesterday. Disappointing to say the least, but for full transparency, I did indulge in chinese food the day before. Has someone seen my willpower? I lost it somewhere along the way…about five months ago, give-or-take. So today, I will have my KetoChow shake, which I make with 3 tablespoons of butter, and quarter cup of heavy whipping cream (and water of course). Here is the macro breakdown according to Cronometer

So that will be my first meal around noon or one p.m. Then I’ll have one more meal sometime before eight p.m. And I know I should plan this better, but snacks will probably be thrown in there in between those two meals.

I will be going running this morning. I’m contemplating just trying to see if I can complete a 5k without any walk breaks. I am on the first day of week eight of the C25k app by Zen Labs, which calls for a 28 minute straight run. I had to do a couple of walk intervals the last time I went running, which was a scheduled 25 minute run. Eh…maybe I’ll just stick with the app. I’ll let ya’ll know what I decide. 🙂

Board Game Shenanigans with the Down the Vent guys!

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