OK, I’ve been neglecting this post just because I’m not sure if I’m doing this right.  I have been nominated for two awards.  One from 43fitness, and I get to choose one of three.  I choose this one:


Thank you, sweet lady, for this honor!

But to my surprise, my gals over at We Shall Have Pie, Tina and Jenn, also nominated me for this award:


Boy, talk about warm-fuzzies!!  Both of these blogs are inspiring, entertaining, helpful, and just plain fun.  These are two of the very first blogs I started following, and I got hooked.  Please check them out if you are into fitness, health, food, and running.  I can’t tell you how giddy I get knowing that people read what I write, and seem to like what I write about.  I love reading everyone’s blogs, too, which is why this award thing is SOOO cool, because now I get to pay it forward.  I’m fairly new to WordPress, and I’m still picking up some fave blogs to follow, so my list is a bit limited.  Otherwise, I would probably have like a billion nominees!!!  LOL!

I think I’m going to double dip, and use this one post to list random facts about me as required for both awards.  And then, I will select my own nominations for each award.  Are you ready???

Facts about me:

1.  I color my hair blue-black.  To my dismay, now I can’t color it with a lighter color unless I strip it, or go natural.  And I’m not ready to go natural!

2.  When I sneeze, I sneeze at least ten times in a row, and I can sneeze without making a sound.

3.  Once when I was eight months pregnant walking to catch the bus, I tripped over a snow drift because I was busy trying to see if I could catch a glimpse of Billy Ray Cyrus on his tour bus parked at the hotel across the street.  I was ok.  I just rolled a few feet, popped right up, kept looking straight, and prayed Billy Ray didn’t see me.

4.  One time after leaving the club with my two friends, we went to Denny’s to eat.  We didn’t realize that the guys walking out, and the guy holding the door open for us to enter were none other than Boys II Men!!  My friend stood in front of their tour bus until they stuck their heads out of the window and shook her hand.  I wasn’t that brave.

5.  I’ve only had one blue toenail to date.  Yay!!!

6.  I like to drop it like it’s hot, but then I can’t pick it back up…for now!

7.  I always smile and say hi to other runners.  Makes me feel happy!

8.  My favorite beer is Bud Light, but I rarely indulge.

9.  I can make the scary sound from The Grudge.  I can’t even describe it, but it’s SCARY, believe you-me!

10.  I love anything that has to do with the supernatural, and I love a good Vamp story.  My latest favorite books are the Midnight Breed series, by Laura Adrian.  S-T-E-A-M-Y!!!!

Here is my nomination for the One Lovely Blog Award:

Morning Story and Dilbert.  These are Christian based stories that always give me something to think about, and inspires me to be a better person.  Of course, there is always a Dilbert comic at the top to make you chuckle.

Nominations for Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

Blood, Sweat, and…    He is a Type 1 Diabetic, and a great runner.  It amazes me how diligent he has to be in regards to his sugar levels in order to push his body.  And here I am boo-hooing if my legs are sore!!  LOL.

Fit for a Year.  You know what I love about this blogger?  He LOVES to run in the snow!  Reminds me of Tina and Jenny.  He posts great infographics, video’s, and inspiring quotes.  A joy to read.

Jennova Food Blog.  This chick is BAD ASS!!!!  She is a rock climber, and always has some sweet pics of herself climbing.  Check out her arms!  But not only does she have brawn, she has brains, too!  She is going to school with a double major in nutrition and zoology, and writes about health, nutrition, fitness from a scientific aspect.  Very, very informational!!

Run, Hemmingway, Run!  From his page: To run/bike/swim a total of at least 2013 miles in 2013 and raise at least £2013 for charity. The charity I’ve chosen is One In A Million.

Nuff said about Hemingway!  He’s super inspiring, and has a big heart!!!

So there you have it.  Each nominee should write a post about the award they were given, link back to the blogger that nominated you, and then list some fun facts about yourself.  You in turn are to nominate other bloggers, leave them a comment on their blog informing them they have been nominated with a link back to your blog.  Have fun!!  I know I did!


3 responses to “AWARD TIME!!

  1. “I like to drop it like it’s hot, but then I can’t pick it back up…for now!”
    hahaha, I would love to come and “drop in like its hot” with you! *dance party!*
    and seriously…Billy…Ray…Cyrus??

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