Hard Cider 5k recap

Well…the 5k came and went. While others were up early Saturday morning to watch the royal wedding, I was getting ready for the race. Ok, I stopped and watched long enough to see the wedding dress. Classy and beautiful!

It was raining steadily in the early morning, but when dawn broke it was just a drizzle. I met my friend at the parking lot of a local restaurant so we could carpool to the race.

By the time we got there, the rain had stopped. It was barely chilly, maybe a teeny bit humid. Nothing to complain about really. By the time the rest of the group arrived, it started misting again. The course went through the apple orchard, and it was pretty muddy in some spots. There went my bright yellow Saucony’s! Lol!

As a group, we decided to pay extra for the hungry runner medal, which meant we had to eat a plain donut at each mile marker. Ummmm, yeeeaaah….the idea sounded good when we signed up. But trying to quickly down a donut and wash it down with water…


I only ate half of each donut (they were delicious!). I was already struggling with just the running. My word!!

We had planned to run for two minutes, and walk for one. Two people on our team have never run so I guess my expectation was that I would be the one encouraging them. However, these two ladies are the ones I’ve talked about before that walk super fast during our walks at work. So, I really shouldn’t have assumed that they would be left behind. Smh!

I was the interval tracker. We walked for five minutes as a warmup. But I started having trouble keeping up with everyone from the get-go. Man they walk fast!! So that was the first mental roadblock I hit. I can’t even keep up with them when they’re walking! How the hell was I going to keep up with them running?

But I tried to keep up, until we started the first two minute interval. Off we went, with me in third place trying to keep up with the other “runners” in our group. The fast walking ladies were right behind me. I was never more grateful than I was at that moment when the first walk interval started. Then the super walkers caught up to me in 0.001 nano-seconds. And then they passed me.

The second run interval started, and off we go, running and weaving around other walkers/runners. I’m sure ya’ll know how tiring it is to do that! I ran harder just so I could pass the walking ladies, which I barely did. But those two intervals just zapped my energy, and my morale.

I couldn’t do it! I couldn’t keep up with everyone, and I could barely run. The mud, and slick grass made it even more difficult. I finally accepted the fact that I was not prepared to really run at all.

That’s when everyone’s role changed. I was no longer the one that had more training hours under her belt than the others. I was no longer the one that had been running longer than four out of five people. Nope, somewhere along that beautiful orchard, I became the anchor slowing everyone down. I became the old fat lady that was struggling to keep up. Once I saw this role change, and how some of the group were taking turns walking with me because “they weren’t going to leave me behind,” well that pretty much killed any notion I had about myself as a runner.

I let those thoughts engulf me, and I was no longer having fun. While the others were walking and talking, and laughing and running, I started to get more irritated, and down on myself. They didn’t take this seriously. They were there to have fun. We stopped and took group pictures when we got to the donut station. I don’t know why I didn’t allow myself to just let go, and enjoy the experience!

My ego got the best of me. I thought I was going to go in, and show everyone that I was a runner, and that I was there to show them how to run. But instead they showed me how to not take myself too seriously, and enjoy the moment. Instead, I was the sourpuss acting like a petulant child that can’t have her way.

It took us an hour to finish the race. And I was blaming myself for everyone having such a high time. I mean, I really felt like shit!! All day Saturday, and Sunday. But then yesterday afternoon I remembered that we used up a lot of time at the donut stations eating, and posing for pics. DUH!!

So that made me feel a bit better!

Today, someone suggested we do another 5k. Max’s Race next month. I believe it’s the last weekend of the month. And this race happens to be the first 5k I ever ran back in 2009! So it holds a specail place in my heart.

Can I tell ya’ll how much I want to be able to run this race straight through, and not only show the others, but myself as well, that I am well capable of running the entire thing? Yes, yes….my ego is rearing its ugly head again.

But ya’ll know how much I’m struggling with this “old lady” image I have as myself. And I really don’t want to be a crickety old lady. I want to show everyone how youthful I still am. I want to show MYSELF how youthful I still am inside. That I’m well capable!!

We’ll see how the other’s feel about this race. I really would like to do it. The first time I did it I ran the entire way. I can do it again. I know I can!!

Yes…I knew the camera was there. Lol!


I almost died, I tell ya!!

Ok, not really. But today’s run really kicked my ass. I guess that’s to be expected when one hasn’t run for two weeks. As I posted the other day, this next c25k session consisted of three five-minute runs, with three-minute walk breaks in between.

I was able to get through the first five minutes. But the second interval, I had to take a short walk break in the middle. The third interval I had to take two.

I was having trouble getting my breathing pattern right. I tried taking shorter, quicker steps, and tried to match my breathing with that using the 3/2 rhythm. I learned this from a book called, Running on Air, by Budd Coates and Claire Kowalchik. The breathing pattern they talk about in their book is that for three steps you inhale, the next two steps you exhale. The idea is that when you inhale, your abs are contracted and give your body more support. So when you inhale during those three steps, the impact on your body is less than when you’re exhaling. Plus, with the odd number of steps in this breathing pattern, you alternate sides when you exhale and your abs aren’t contracted, which is when the body is less stable. That way, the same side isn’t constantly feeling the impact, and possibly causing some aches and pains on just one side of your body. Something like that.

Anyways…i just couldn’t get it right, and I was really huffing and puffing. I started getting frustrated, and just wanted to stop. Maybe those walk breaks were more that, than actual fatigue. I don’t know. But I got going again. And I finished the session, but I was far from the usual feeling of accomplishment, and ended up feeling more disappointed with myself. But, I’m determined to finish this program, even if it takes me longer than the planned eight weeks.

On another note, my doc called to tell me that my vitamin d is low again. That on top of the b12 shots I’m already getting, I feel like my body is turning on me. It all started with my under active thyroid a few years ago. Yep, have to take something for that, too.

How I’m feeling, now. Ha!

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I suspect I’m still at 215. Mostly because I’m not meal prepping, and not consistently working out. But, I agreed to do this with a lady from work, and it does serve as a reminder that I need to take action. Maybe one day it will sink in, and I’ll finally take this shit seriously.


Running stats

12 Days and counting.

The Hard Cider Run, and May 19th are right around the corner, and I did reach the halfway point of the c25k program…almost two weeks ago!!! I haven’t gone running since April 25th. That session consisted of the following:

I had to take a 30-second walk break during that last five minute interval. The next session consists of this:

However, since I am participating in this 5k with some co-workers, and none of us have really been dedicated to a running program, the ladies of the group have decided to complete it using a 2 min/1 min run/walk ratio. So now I’m torn between finishing as much of the c25k program as I can, or just practice running the intervals and try to cover the whole 5k distance.

Actually, I think I’m just going to finish the program. I keep starting it over and over, and I want to finish it once and for all! I don’t think I’ll have trouble running the intervals during the race.

Well…maybe. We’re supposed to eat a donut at each mile marker. I’m kinda worried I might chuck it all up. In the past, I’ve tried running too soon after eating, and have felt sick, and so sluggish! I wonder if they’ll let us just carry them to the finish line, and then eat them before crossing? I don’t know how I’d do carrying three donuts while running, though. Oh, Lord! I’m starting to stress out over the dumbest things!

On a different note, I’ve also been struggling with motivation, and confidence. Since turning fifty, and letting my gray hair grow out, I’ve been lacking confidence in myself…my ability to do physical things, in the way I look, the way I dress. I’m telling you, almost every morning I wake up feeling sorta ok with myself, and my appearance. Until I see myself in the mirror, and all this gray hair is BOOM!! IN MY FACE!!

And in a split second, I feel old, and unattractive. Compound that feeling with having grown children that now do things on their own, not seeking your advice for every little thing anymore. They get together without you, and have their own stories, and new memories that don’t include you. This is leaving me feeling rather irrelevant. I know that’s not really, truly the case, but do you see how all these thoughts can leave a person feeling a bit discouraged, and down?

Now that this 5k is almost here, I’m doubting myself. I don’t want my coworkers to see me “running.” Sweating, and huffing and puffing…looking like a fat old lady.

I have to get out of that junk-thunk. I’m not helping myself by dwelling on these thoughts and insecurities. I just need to do the work, and trust the process.

I’ll be OK for this 5k. The gray hair, and old lady feeling…I’ll deal with that on another day.

Stages of my hair:


This was April 2017

One month later, I cut my hair short, had it lightened to blend my existing gray and eliminate my skunk line. Lol!

And this is me today. Just a touch of blond left. Then I’ll be all natural. It’s still pretty dark in the back, more pepper than salt.

I don’t like this aging thing. But at least I’m still kicking, right??


Still plugging away…

Since my last post on March 19th, I’ve gone running three times. Today I started week 4 of c25k. It called for three minute run, walk, then five minute run, walk, and repeat again. I was able to run the first five minute interval, but that second one…well, I had to take a one minute break in the middle.

I’m happy with myself that I was able to do that first five minute without stopping. I’ll get that second one next time.

A funny…cute thing happened during my run. When I was doing my five minute warm up walk, I saw three boys around 12 or 13 years old climbing some of the fallen trees next to the paved trail. Their bikes were lying on the ground as they jumpef from tree trunk to tree trunk, seemingly trying not to be the first to touch the ground. As I started to pass them, my first run interval started, so off I went.

At the halfway point of my running sessions, I always turn around and head back in the direction I came from. I was in the middle of my last five minute run, after my short walk break, when I saw the three boys riding their bikes towards me. Now, I admit that I was a little self conscious running in front of these kids, thinking they would ridicule me, or simply laugh at me as I trudged along. I wasn’t even going to make eye contact, but I couldn’t help it. The second boy looked right at me and said, “You’re amazing! I love you for running!”

I slowed down, and looked back at him, and he was smiling and waved. I couldn’t help but laugh with appreciation. He was so cute, and seemed sincere. He made my heart happy.

As it turned out, it was a great day to run. 😁

Blessings upon blessings

Today is my eldest daughter’s birthday. She turned thirty four. While she whines about how very old she is, she is still my baby. I was young when I had her. Too young to appreciate the blessing God put in my life. I wish I had the maturity to cherish her more when she was a child. I think her memories are happy ones, and she shows me how much she loves almost daily. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t call me. She has also blessed me with three beautiful, highly entertaining granddaughters. Yes, my life is full of blessings and I thank the Lord everyday for them. I must say, I have the best kids.

Today, I went to church, and when I got home I changed into my running clothes, and I was out!! It was a super, gorgeous day. Fifty degrees, and so sunny! Today’s c25k session was W3D2. Another day of ninety second runs, with two minute walks for six run intervals. I actually ran a teeny bit faster, and a smidge further than my last run. Yay, me!!

Then I remembered that the New York City marathon was today. Days like today make me sad that I don’t have cable. I really, really wanted to see it! Thank goodness for the internet, because at least I can Google it to see who won.

I gots all the blessings!!!

1. My daughter came into my life on this day, thirty four years ago.

2. I’m blessed to be able to run, and enjoy the world God created for us.

3. The internet!! Lol. Yes, I’m calling this a blessing (for today, anyway)!!

Today’s running biznezz.