Oh what a crazy life!

I’ve been meaning to post for a while, but honestly just didn’t know where to begin. My emotions and thoughts have been in a whirlwind. But things are in motion, and I’m going to get past this bump in the road.

At the beginning of November, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. But I thank the Lord above that it was diagnosed early. I truly believe this is a blessing, because from what I’ve read, you can have this condition for years with no really bad symptoms. By the time you do start feeling something, it’s pretty advanced.

Lucky me, I was diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus years ago, which is a precancerous condition. This required me to get an upper scope every couple of years to make sure the cells didn’t change. In July, I went in for my regular scope, and the doctor found an ulcer in my esophagus. He took a biopsy, and it came back normal, but he wanted me to come back in three months to get another scope to make sure the ulcer went away.

At my return appointment in November, he found the ulcer had healed, but he found a new one in my stomach. He took a biopsy, but he thought it was probably caused by the Motrin I was taking because of the soreness I was feeling from the kickboxing class I had started in October.

But that was not the case. It was cancer. I had a CAT scan done, and it showed that it was contained in my stomach. My spleen, pancreas, kidneys, lungs…everything was clear. Then I had an internal ultra sound done to find what stage I’m at.

So far, it looks like I’m at stage one. This means removing part of my stomach, much like a bariatric surgery, and also fixing the hiatal hernia. However, they are also removing some lymph nodes to be tested. If they are clean, then I’m good to go, and will have to stay under observation for a few years.

BUT…if they are infected then I will need chemo, radiation, and then chemo again.

Tomorrow is the big day. I shit you not, I am scared. More so of the pain, but then having to wait a week for the results for the lymph nodes. That is a whole mental anguish that I’m going to have to fight.

I am not going to feel sorry for myself. As I see it, this is God working in my life. If I had never gotten Barrett’s, then I would not have been getting the scope that discovered the cancer!

I mean it wasn’t there in July, but then the months later, poof, there it was!! I mean think about the timing! It’s incredible!

So I am going into this surgery afraid, but also thankful that I have a great chance to beat it, and be able to live a long happy life…

All by the grace of my Lord, Jesus Christ!

And I’m not embarrassed to ask for your prayers. Every little bit helps.

Time to kick cancers ass!!