This week’s wrap – up

Well, I completed my first C25K run on the treadmill, today. I tried using my Moov app, and one of the running training modules. However, it started the run intervals with 2 minute runs, and 30 second walk intervals. And it didn’t have a warm up period, so it was a bit of a shock to my body. 

I’ve decided to go back to the tried and true C25K app. It was still difficult, especially since I was on the treadmill. I really dislike that machine, but it comes in handy when trying to get a run in, and it’s dark  and cold outside. 

So as I’m wrapping up my weekly layout in my bullet journal for this past week, I was happy to see that I  worked out four days!!  Also, my bullet journal has evolved into a fitness journal.  But that’s what is working for me now. It’s also relaxing to sit and create a new layout every week. They are getting better and better. 

I started intermittent fasting, last week. I’m following the 8/16 format. My feeding window starts at 12 pm, and ends at 8 pm. I’m trying to keep my caloric intake at 1850,which i got from the My Fitness Pal app. I’ll lower it as I go along. 

I was happily surprised to find that I’ve lost five pounds in a little over two weeks.  So, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. I’m not going to focus on how far I have to go. I’m going to just focus on the present, and handle what I need to do to get to where I want to be fitness-wise. 

This bullet Journaling thing has really helped keep me on point. I thought I’d share my layout for this week. 

The left page is for tracking any appointments, or tasks that I need to do. The page on the right helps me track my meals, and calorie intake. Yes, I know it’s redundant, since I’m using MFP to track my calories, but writing it down makes it more…real, I suppose. Then I have my water tracker, and then things I need to do every day, like pray, daily gratitude, daily Journaling, my supplements, exercise, etc. 

So that’s it for this week.  I plan to post twice a week. Hey!! I can add that to my journal!! 



Return of the runner wannabe

So here I am, after months of not running a single quarter mile.  I keep coming back and reading other blogs, and they work to get me thinking about running again.  I know I need some accountability, and I think blogging gives me a bit of that. 

We’ve had some really, really nice days the past couple of weeks, but there was always something that I let get in my way of getting out for a run.  I was determined to go running today, but guess what?  We got snow, and frigid temps.  And I am not a hardcore runner where I will risk frost bite on my tootsies, or possibly slipping and falling, and breaking a hip.  

But I do have to start somewhere, and I have access to the fitness center at work.  Now it’s just getting out of my head, and worrying about the conversations I imagine people will be having about me when they see me run.  I am my own worst enemy, I tell ya.  I have started Bullet Journaling, and I add a daily tracker to my weekly layout.  Since mid January, I still add a slot for exercise.  I think I’ve checked that little box twice since I started journaling. 

Now that I’ve been at it for a couple of months, those empty checkboxes are starting to bug me.  They are laughing at me, I know it.  

“Ha-ha-ha!  You’re never gonna check me off, Crazy Mary!!”

“These little boxes are going to remain pristine, Mary!  You ain’t never gonna have a full week of check marks!!”

Yeah, they’re starting to piss me off, those little suckers.  So I am making up my mind, right here and now.  Even if I only complete one set of ten reps for one body part, I’m checking that damn box off my tracker!!  I WILL start using the track at work again.  I WILL!



Sorry, trying to convince myself to do that.  🙂

The bottom line is, nothing is going to change until I decide to do something about it.  Planning, and planning, but not doing shit about it isn’t getting me anywhere.

So here I am, again.  Doing what I can to help me stay accountable.  Tonight, I’m going to do a quick circuit using my MOOV fitness tracker, and app.  It’s only 10 minutes long, but it still kicks my ass!

And I’m checking off that damn box!!

You’re gonna wonder why… 

I have not been running.  I have not been weight lifting. I have not been stretching.  I haven’t been doing a damn thing.   As usual, I think ALOT about working out, and eating right.  I wish thinking about it burned calories. If it did, I’d be hella sexy!!  

But it doesn’t, and I’m not.  True to nature, I thought about something, and acted on it before I could talk myself out  of it.  Some of you may want to thunk me on the head when I tell you this, and I wouldn’t blame you one little bit! 

One year ago, the company that I work for opened a new cafe, and fitness center.  The fitness center is free to use for all employees.  Yes!  That’s what I said…FREE FOR ALL EMPLOYEES!!   

Wanna know what the kicker is?   This bad boy has  an inside track!!  YES!!  A RUNNING TRACK!!  OK, yall can line up to thunk me now. 

I have been too embarrassed to use the facility, because…well…because I’m fat!!  These are people I see every day.  People I really don’t want sering me sweating,  and huffing and puffing.  It just seems like there should be a professional  line you don’t cross.  Sweating with others seems pretty personal to me! 

But, I know in my head that I must stifle Crazy Mary’s paranoia, and insecurities.  In order to get past all that loud talking and shouting in my head, I have to act before she realizes what’s  going on. 

So right before I left work for the day, I sent my manager an email, asking her if it would be OK to take my lunch from 2:30 –  3:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Lunch time is very busy, so I thought maybe mid-afternoon would be more calm (and less people to see me).  

I don’t think she’ll have a problem with it, unless I have a meeting at that time.  But the real question is, what will happen on Tuesday?   Will crazy Mary win, and talk me out of this?  

We shall see!   We. Shall. See. Crazy Mary!!! 

Walking fun time…

Funny how things work out sometimes.  The past few days, my Facebook timeline has been showing me memories regarding running.  A couple were ones in which I mentioned my friend Stephanie, who was my running buddy for awhile.  We became friends when we worked at the same company.

We did our training runs together, ran a few 5ks. We commiserated about our struggle to lose weight.  And she is one funny chick, on top of being beautiful. 

So during my Facebook scroll, I see that she shared one of her memories in which she had on a racing bib.  I read her current comment, and she said, “I really need to get back to running!  Maria!!!”

What??   She’s talking to ME!!  ME!!  I’M MARIA!!

Someone wants to go running…with me!!!  What???   My eyeballs almost fell onto my cellphone as I looked down at it incredulously.   I read it a come times, and then I snapped out of it.

All I typed was, “STEPH!!”

I waited for a response.  I waited, waited, and waited.  AND…


Actually, it wasn’t that long, but it felt like it.  Then her words appeared like salvation in the form of water to a man lost in the desert.

“Hawk Island?  Saturday morning? We can just walk.”

Crazy Mary shouted at the top of her lungs inside my head, “FUCK YEAH!!!”

But Sweet Maria simply responded with, “That would be great!”

A few text messages to finalize plans, and there we were this morning.  I contemplated doing my run, but I wanted to catch up with Steph.  It’s been a couple of years since we’ve hung out, and I realized how much I miss her friendship.  It’s like we never lost touch, and picked up right where we left off.  We talked about our families, and GRAND BABIES!!  She has the cutest grandson!!   We talked about work, and shared stories, and just laughed.  It was great!!

Hopefully, we can maybe get together once a week, or something.   I think we did good at sticking to our plans to eat better, and run when we did it together.  At least that was the case for me.

Here is today’s walking biznezz. I always use Run keeper to track my walks, and Nike to track my runs.  It helps me to better see my progress with my runs, if I keep my “only walking” sessions separate.

Bonus:  Now I know the distance around the lake/river trail. 


Getting to the butt-om of things…

I haven’t been doing anything regarding physical activity.  I’ve developed a condition around the area of the backside that is causing some bleeding.  Any type of friction aggravates the situation, and becomes painful.

No itching, or burning, just some minor pain.  I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning to see what’s going on.  What I’m worried about is possibly being sidelined for more than a couple of days.  Especially since this week I had the chance to run more than one day a week. My grand daughters are spending this week with their dad, but it’s pretty much been a waste of time for me.

Hopefully, this thing is nothing serious, and has a quick fix. I’m already over this, since even sitting aggravates the condition.   Omg, it  killed me not being able to run today.  It was such a beautiful day with a nice breeze, and the temp was in the upper seventies.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a run in after work.  The girls come back Friday so I won’t be able to run again until Saturday morning, or Sunday afternoon. 

It’s always something, I tell ya!!